Social Justice

As the child of alcoholics and a broken home, I know first-hand how important issues around social justice and mental health are. That's why I believe we need a new focus on social justice for all. We will never discover our true potential as a nation if so many people are unfairly sidelined by lack of opportunity or lack of proper medical care. Equality of opportunity is the cornerstone of conservatism. For all in our society, we must now make that promise a reality.

Here are two of my big ideas:

  • Bridge of Hope. Too many people find their lives blighted by mental health problems. As the child of an alcoholic father, I saw my father trying, but failing, to come back from a life collapse following the end of his career as a Grand National-winning jockey. Sadly, it is too late for him. But it is not too late for others like him. That's why I started the Bridge of Hope project, helping those who've suffered from a life collapse to get back on the employment ladder. 
  • Housing for the Next Generation. A home-owning democracy has always been the central promise of the Conservative party. But, for too long, that promise hasn't been a reality for the next generation. That's why we need to embrace a new model of housing. Instead of desperately dumping more flats in areas without the infrastructure to cope with them, we need to be more radical and look at building new smart towns with the infrastructure to support new communities. 
  • Student Bursaries. With student fees now tripled since 2010, ensuring people from all backgrounds have the chance to access higher education is essential. That's why we need a new model of student bursaries. American universities are sustained by donations from those who did well out of the system. It is time to recreate that model here, encouraging a new philanthropic model to support low-income students and help them become the leaders of tomorrow.

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I am not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election on 12th December 2019.

You can contact me on george@